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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: A rethink of the Ivy migration
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 08:26:11 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> So, should we continue with managing our own dependencies or should 
>>> we jump the short term hurdle and get the ivy branch working with 
>>> Cocoon 2.2 snapshots?
>> So far i like your plan.
>> It would need some Forrest people with serious Java skills
>> to do it. There is more than just the CLI to deal with.
>> Carsten recently gave us some tips on this dev list about
>> how to proceed.
> I think we have that (and I wouldn't say "serious" java skills, just 
> some java skill).
>> There are some issues.
>> See the comments on [1]
>> about the "Snapshot Repositories".
>> Particlarly: "...but should not be referenced in released
>> versions of your Apache project."
> We already include a snapshot in our releases. As for referencing the 
> snapshot repo in the ivy configuration we need to do this in order to do 
> integration testing.
>> One thing is that Cocoon-2.2 will probably be properly
>> released soon. We can help to move that forward.
> Yes, I noticed that on their list (trying to catch up with what has 
> happened to date).
>> Another thing is that the Forrest project has decided
>> in the past that it is okay to use snapshot versions.
>> Not sure if that is a wise or well-informed decision.
> In the early days we were forced to use a snapshot as we were patching 
> trunk to achieve things in Cocoon that we needed. It's been a very long 
> time since we needed to do this. Perhaps it is time to revisit this issue.
>> On a related matter, i was liking our new approach to
>> managing our own dependencies. Having an Ivy descriptor
>> for each product enabled us to clearly describe each,
>> say where its home, what its license is, and link to
>> a jar in a maven repo. Nice.
> This is a very good point, if we take it along with Thorstens 
> observation that an output of managing our own descriptors would be a 
> valuable contribution to the Ivy project I begin to think the extra work 
> would be worth it.
> However, for this to be the case we should remove the maven repos from 
> our ivyconf.xml file an only use the ivy repos. This increases our work 
> in the short term even more.
> The advantages would be:
> - significant contribution to an ivy repo
> - full control over our own descriptors and dependencies (i.e. control 
> over license information, second tier dependencies etc.)
> - no need to update Cocoon until 0.9-dev cycle (i.e. time to address the 
> CLI issue)
> I'm starting to think my very first plan was the right one.

OK, in the absence of further comment I've decided to return to the 
original plan with a slight modification:

We will not be using the Maven repos at all. If we are going to put the 
effort into switching to Ivy lets do it properly and use only Ivy repos.

This means we need to remove the maven repo's from the ivyconf.xml file 
and reinstate the jars I deleted from our shared ivy repo.

Rather than kill the ivyconf.xml with respect to maven file I think I'll 
make an ivyconf-maven.xml which includes the maven repos and an 
ivyconf.xml file that does not. That way I can still cheat on my private 
projects ;-)


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