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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Content of release
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 00:16:27 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> re: "decide content of release"
> I started trying to summarise the threads linked in the above issue, but 
> can't be bothered (sorry - I'm having one of those mornings where I am 
> prioritising very heavily).
> Instead I am going to make a proposal:

Good. I was preparing to make a very similar proposal.

> We release everything just as we have in the past except we strip 
> everything but the plugins out of the whiteboard directory ...

In the 0.7 release we didn't include any whiteboard plugins
and nothing else from the whiteboard directory. So such
plugins were always downloaded from the website (if published)
and otherwise people who wanted to use whiteboard stuff
would be developers and so need to checkout SVN trunk.

We did include both the plugins descriptor and the whiteboard
plugins descriptor. Following the partial fix FOR-533
"Auto Generate plugins.xml entry" are these still needed?
If so then we need to update them to be synchronised with
the autogenerated list.

The other thing that was included was whiteboard/plugins/build.xml

> ... and we strip 
> everything but jetty, ant, forrestbot and forrest bar out of tools

I agree.

The other things are "tools/dtdconverters" which may be needed
by our build system. I will check.

And "tools/xxe" which i reckon should be included. It was
included last time and is minimal.

What about "tools/anttasks" this seems to be a relic of
a previous Cocoon xconf technique. It only has a Java
class file which may have been accidently committed.

> (do we need logos?).

IMO, no. It can later be released as a separate package
or even moved to another SVN location, perhaps.

> It's an improvement on previous releases. Admittedly not as good as 
> separate packages as described in the above issue, but we need to get 
> 0.8 out and we could be waiting forever to restructure the build to 
> accommodate FOR-911.
> Note that in 0.9 we will be using Ivy so will be redoing the build 
> system anyway, that is the time to create separate build packages.

This will be great.


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