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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: ForrestBot build for forrest-seed FAILED
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 07:39:42 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Gav.... wrote:
> >So we can 
> >
> >A) Revert as suggested.
> >B) Add a full URI to a site.xml entry instead for the test sites.
> >
> >I like B better because it is a workaround to only the affected builds, and
> >leaves others intact and using it properly.
> But that will still mean that the plugin docs will break and therefore 
> we will not be able to deploy them.
> A is the only usable option to stop 50+ Forrestbot emails, we need to 
> revert the change. I only have email access via webmail right now and 
> it's really annoying and, I'm sure, will be annoying our lurkers. 
> Especially when we already know the solution.

Reverting the change fixes the problem with the forrestbot warnings,
but doesn't not fix the real issue. However option B doesn't help
either: there is still a management problem to remember to change
the URL for the next release.

>The problem has only arisen really because we have included a 'Plugins' tab
> >and a label to only the plugins index page, within the sample sites. 
> Plugins are designed to be housed elsewhere, thus our plugins index page 
> leads offsite. The idea of the plugins tab is to provide a way back to 
> the forrest site. Any other solution would be fine, but any link back to 
> Forrest would result in the same issue - site: does not work.
> >Maybe
> >another answer is to either
> >1. include all information on Plugins in the sample sites, meaning the
> >usingPlugins and pluginInfrastructure pages are there too, providing a
> >complete set of information.
> No, these are not "sample sites" they are documentation for the plugins. 
>   As documentation they are published on the website. We do not want to 
> duplicate information, such as usingPlugins and pluginInfrastructure 
> across 20+ plugin docs sites.

I agree that we want to avoid duplication.

> Furthermore, I don't see how this would remove the link back to the core 
> Forrest docs. Perhaps I am missing your point.

I reckon that that link is the main issue.
Tried to describe it at

I am currently trying a new solution which passes a docs version
parameter to the stylesheet so that the URL can be constructed.


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