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From C.Grobmeier <>
Subject Book on forrest
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 11:56:08 GMT

Hi all,

last year i decided to write a book. I wrote a email to a publisher and the they told me that
i should start immediatly. I did. Roundabout May 2007 the book will be published. It's written
in german, should have 150-180 pages and covers Apache Forrest.

After lots of weeks, coffee and playing with forrest the book is quite raw, but nearly completed.
It's a start-with-forrest book and explains how to write v20 documents, tabs and such stuff.
It also explains how to use the skin, but not how to modify. I recommended the new upcoming
dispatcher before creating a new skin. It shows how to make new contenttypes. To round the
corners, it introduces cocoon, tells you how to write a plugin. In the book is a little v20
reference for easy every day use.

If you have suggestions what you consider as "must have" to give users a kickstart, now is
the time to speak up. And if you are speaking german and want to give feedback at the books
prototype, i would be glad. Just drop me a line. At the end i don't want "just a book for
the sake of having written one" but i want a simple, nice book for a good kickstart into forrest.
I believe, that a book is always necessary for a broader audience.

However, now is the book nearly complete and i want to say "thank you" for your help in the
last months. Esspecially with the quite new dispatcher, where not all of the documentation
is up to date. I admit that my knowledge of Cocoon and XSLT was less; but now i feel quite
comfortable with these technologies and that was not only cause of the good documentation
of both projects, Cocoon and Forrest, but also cause of the mostly very good and quick answers.
Thank you.

I hope that i can contribute a bit to forrest after the book is published, maybe in the section
of documentation. We'll see. 


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