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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject A rethink of the Ivy migration
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 12:30:13 GMT
I've been having a rethink of our approach to the IVY migration.

Pretty much all of our java dependencies are Cocoon dependencies. So why 
should we bother to manage them ourselves?

We should be able to just have a dependency on Cocoon and the blocks 
that we require and that is it. Why can't we do that?

We can't just have a dependency on Cocoon because we use a version built 
from SVN. This version is not SVN head, but is a past version of Cocoon. 
If it were SVN head we could use the snapshot repository to pull down 
the latest snapshot build of Cocoon and go from there.

So why don't we use SVN head?

Because SVN head has no crawler.

So, we have two choices for progression.

Continue with the path I have outlined for the IVY migration whereby we 
use our own local repo to hold the specific version of Cocoon that we 
know will work for us, or, we can use the move to ivy to force us to 
upgrade to Cocoon head (something we should probably do for the 0.8 
release anyway).

The latter route will require us to build a crawler, but Thorsten has 
already started on that with the Droids lab.

I've tried setting it up with just a cocoon-core 2.2-snapshot 
dependency, there are a couple of unresolved dependencies, but I am sure 
these can be easily addressed.

The big advantage in going the latter route is that it will make future 
upgrades to Cocoon a simple case of running an ant task. The downside is 
that we will have to write a crawler (using the Droids lab code - which 
is largely based on the crawler from Nutch if I understand correctly).

The big advantage of the former route is that we will be able to make 
things work as they do now, in trunk, without any surprises from the 
Cocoon upgrade. The downside is that we have to manage all our own 
dependencies and will have to continue to build Cocoon independently.

So, should we continue with managing our own dependencies or should we 
jump the short term hurdle and get the ivy branch working with Cocoon 
2.2 snapshots?


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