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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Switch dependency managment to IVY
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 04:44:03 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> >Here is my plan:
> >
> >1 - I create a Forrest only repo in SVN (as I have started for
> >Forrest2). although wherever possible we will use the IVY repo and the
> >Maven2 repo
> >
> >2 - I modify our build files to use IVY (I have a whole set of generic
> >build files that are intended to be extended by project specific build
> >files. I plan to give them to the IVY folk if they think it they are a
> >good idea, if not we'll take what we need from them)
> >
> >3 - We make sure it works
> >
> >4 - We move the entries in our repo to the IVY repo (I need to enter
> >into a dialogue with IVY devs to see what is happening with regards an
> >official Apache repo)
> >
> >The end result will be a build system that uses three repos:
> >
> >The forrest one for any jars we have customised but are not yet
> >available in the main project releases (i.e. we have something in the
> >patch queue)
> >
> >The official IVY repo (whatever that turns out to be)
> >
> >The official ASF Maven repo
> ...
> >If nobody raises an objection in the next seven days (I'm busy until
> >then) then I'll go ahead. Otherwise we can discuss and I'll call a vote
> >if necessary next week.
> I'm starting to do this work as of now. I don't have much time at
> present so I'll do it in a branch (called ivyBuild) since I don't want
> to stop others working if I get called away. Of course this also means
> that others have the opportunity to play before we move it to trunk.

I want to assist. Some initial questions ...

I see that you have Ivy module descriptors, e.g.

Are these descriptors something that the Forrest
project maintains, or do we copy them from somewhere
else and thus need to keep them synchronised? I want
to clean them up to be consistent w.r.t. license stuff
etc. but not if they will come from some other project.
It seems to me that it is better to keep our own descriptors.

Why xerces-2.5.0 when we currently use xerces-2.8.0?

Is your plan to move everything that we use out of lib/*
into this local tools/ivy/repository, then gradually
remove/tune stuff as we find them in other official repositories?

I gather that we can have Ivy descriptors in our local
repository, but no jars, and then point to other repositories
for the jars, e.g. maven repo.


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