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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Getting 0.8-dev out the door
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 11:15:52 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Gav.... wrote:
>> There has been lots of talk lately regarding upgrading Cocoon, using
>> Ivy/Maven + other stuff.
>> All of these are fine and are paving the way forward, but as far as I can
>> see , none of these should be affecting what happens in 0.8-dev, they are
>> talks for possibly the next version.
> Ideally our Cocoon upgrade would happen before our 0.8 release.
> The re-structuring of the content of the release might require
> Ivy/etc.

Moving to Ivy will be very easy, and I will do it just as soon as my 
CCLA is signed and registered at the ASF, should be soon. (note: the 
general consensus seems to be edging that way, but we have not made the 
decision yet).

If someone manages to get Forrest running with the Cocoon snapshots then 
all will be good, if not we can use the snapshot we already use.

>> I am concerned that everybody is already moving on to the next greatest
>> thing and leaving 0.8-dev behind in its unfinished state. Whilst I
>> appreciate that everyone has their own agendas on what is good for them,
>> what is good for the short term of the project is not being attended to and
>> this can lead to a long term deficit.
>> I would like to know what everyone feels about everyone concentrating on
>> getting 0.8-dev fixed and released as soon as possible. There are 25 roadmap
>> issues and if everyone worked on them it wouldn't take long to get these
>> crossed off.
> Thanks, it is good to see someone else trying to move the
> release along.


> See the recent dev archives. It has already been tried a few times.
> Perhaps it needs another attempt to narrow down the issues.
> See the last attempts and try again to summarise the state of things.
> However, i think that you will find that we have summarised
> and talked enough. It needs action on the outstanding issues,
> with which any developer can help.


>> The one major decision in the release is whether or not dispatcher is ready
>> to be released from the whiteboard into (I think Thorsten mentioned) a
>> plugin endorsed by the community, or whether it will be part of core.
> The last time that we discussed the release, it was not
> a requirement that the Dispatcher be ready.

No, it is not a requirement, but it is gaining traction and is pretty 
stable. I would be (and have been for a long time) +1 for dispatcher to 
become an plugin. It should not be enabled as default yet.


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