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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: upgrade strategies for our packaged Cocoon
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 09:15:15 GMT
Upgrading to Cocoon trunk (2.2) should be much easier now.
There are some blocks that might not work currently (but will need only
minimal configuration changes to get them working).
All you have to do is putting the jars from Cocoon into your
application. You can use Maven or Ivy for this, but you can also just
download all jars and put them in your repository if you want.
And then you have to define your web.xml and the Spring
applicationContext.xml as described (briefly) in our new docs.

Please note that the current trunk does not have a CLI anymore!


David Crossley wrote:
> For a long time now we have not been able to upgrade
> our packaged Cocoon.
> This is an undesirable situation for the Forrest
> community and we need to fix it. Forrest developers
> need to be able to make changes to Cocoon and have
> those abilities available in their Forrest, as was
> always intended.
> I have spent a huge amount of behind-the-scenes effort
> on this and now need to tell you what i know. Perhaps
> someone else can help to break this deadlock.
> Way back, Nicola Ken added the "pass-through" sitemap
> ability to Cocoon, which enabled us to do wonderful
> stuff with Forrest: split up our core sitemaps, add
> plugins with their own sitemaps, etc.
> This ability went into trunk, i.e. 2.2 and not into the
> 2.1 branch. Also Forrest at the time was being a good
> test of the Cocoon trunk. It was also great for community
> building via Apache Gump which gave notifications when
> something busted, so we could fix our code, fix Cocoon code,
> fix Excalibur code, etc.
> Using trunk was a good decision.
> Then we came to a standstill, partly due to Cocoon trunk
> enhancement which we needed to keep up with, partly due
> to mavenisation, and partly due to Gump ceasing to build
> Cocoon trunk due to lack of Maven2 support. 
> svn log lib/core/cocoon-2.2.0-dev.jar shows that it has
> been over 12 months:
> r355366 ... Upgrade Cocoon to r351990 2005-12-08
> I tried to persist for a long time to get Cocoon trunk
> integrated again into Forrest. Around r453411 2006-10-06
> i got a Maven build of Cocoon happening and had partial
> success with using that in Forrest.
> Now Cocoon has put jars into the Maven repository and
> developed some documentation for 2.2 at cocoon.zones.a.o
> it should be easier. We should be able to use Ivy or Maven
> to grab what we need. I don't have time, so perhaps someone
> else can try.
> All this while i was also trying the alternative of
> "upgrade" to Cocoon-2.1 branch. I wondered if perhaps
> the "pass-through sitemap" ability had been ported from
> the trunk.
> Recently i finally had success with 2.1 Cocoon.
> Not everything works, but there is enough to give hope.
> Forrest's PDF plugin does work, which makes me think
> that the sitemaps work properly. I have not yet tried the
> Dispatcher plugins.
> I will add my test changes regarding 2.1 to a Jira issue
> so that someone else has a head-start.
> -David

Carsten Ziegeler

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