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From "Gav...." <>
Subject Getting 0.8-dev out the door
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2007 02:44:38 GMT
There has been lots of talk lately regarding upgrading Cocoon, using
Ivy/Maven + other stuff.

All of these are fine and are paving the way forward, but as far as I can
see , none of these should be affecting what happens in 0.8-dev, they are
talks for possibly the next version.

I am concerned that everybody is already moving on to the next greatest
thing and leaving 0.8-dev behind in its unfinished state. Whilst I
appreciate that everyone has their own agendas on what is good for them,
what is good for the short term of the project is not being attended to and
this can lead to a long term deficit.

I would like to know what everyone feels about everyone concentrating on
getting 0.8-dev fixed and released as soon as possible. There are 25 roadmap
issues and if everyone worked on them it wouldn't take long to get these
crossed off. We should also resurrect IRC sessions purely for collaboration
on getting 0.8 issues fixed.

The one major decision in the release is whether or not dispatcher is ready
to be released from the whiteboard into (I think Thorsten mentioned) a
plugin endorsed by the community, or whether it will be part of core.
My thoughts are that a plugin for dispatcher is appropriate, although this
could be interpreted as optional, meaning skins would need to be continue to
be supported and developed and the only other alternative to dispatcher
themes. Once that is decided it should then not hold up the release.
Dispatcher has been quoted many times to other Apache Projects and users of
Forrest and I am sure there would be disappointment if this were not
released with or at the same time as 0.8-dev.

If everyone puts some time to get 0.8-dev released, the pressure is then off
the community and people can then continue with the excellent ream of ideas
and upgrades that are prevalent on this list at present.

Thoughts ?



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