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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Building Forrest 2
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 23:06:23 GMT
Gav.... wrote:

> I think more people would be more inclined to take a look if there was an
> Initial running site in the web browser. 

I totally agree.

> But you can't do everything, there
> May be those interested in Forrest2 but are holding backto do this, or
> They may simply be concentrating on the official Forrest 1 version.

Yes. As you know I am concerned about diverting attention from Forrest 
1. Personally I have outgrown Forrest1 and need a leaner, meaner version 
(as explained in my original RT). However, that doesn't mean Forrest 1 
should die, only that my *personal* interest in it is waning.

I believe that my work on Forrest2 will, in the long term, be of 
interest to the wider community. But first individual community members 
will have to outgrow Forrest1 as I have or Forrest2 will have to be a 
suitable drop in replacement for Forrest1. The latter is a very long way 
away at present, but I'm working on it.

Any assistance I get along the way is great, in the meantime I am 
scratching my own itches.

>>> I don't have a JAVA editor AFAIK so can not edit the .class or .java
>> files,
>>> Any suggestions on a suitable program to use?
>> I use Eclipse. All my Java code committed to SVN have the necessary
>> eclipse config files (although they are not tested outside of my own
>> environment).
> Hmm, I do have Eclipse, forgot I had it, no real time to learn it at
> The moment. I didn't really want to set up projects within it at the
> Moment, just wanted something that I can use to just edit a .class

Well you don't edit class files, you edit .java files. But I guess that 
is what you meant.

For basic work like this I recommend JEdit. Even better, IMHO, is EMacs, 
there is a gui version called XEmacs, but I don't have experience of it 
(others would recomend Vi).


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