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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Building Forrest 2
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 21:53:13 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Ross Gardler []
>> Sent: Saturday, 16 December 2006 9:46 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Building Forrest 2
>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Gav.... wrote:
>> ...
>>>>      [java] org.apache.forrest.core.exception.ProcessingException:
>>>> Unable to
>>>> cre
>>>> ate the output documents for helloWorld.html because null caused by
>> null
>>> Now there is a useful error message! It has been improved in the latest
>>> SVN, I think, but if you did an SVN up then obviously not.
>> Seems I forgot to commit to SVN before setting off on my travels.
>>> Anyway, I just tried the "Getting Started" instructions word for word
>>> and reproduced the error you report.
>> ...
>> I believe I have now fixed this bug, thanks for testing Gav.
>> I've also improved the log messages even more.
>> Ross
> Thanks, the improved error messages worked fine, my build still failed.
> I've committed a couple of changes that allowed my build to succeed.
> Let me know if they don't break your build because of them.
> The source .xhtml2 files are now be located correctly and also the
> Resultant .html files are being produced correctly.

Sorry, I had not committed my locationmap change that fixed this.

I've been using the Eclipse SVN plugin recently and, as always seems to 
be the case when I use GUI interfaces I make mistakes. Not excusable - 
I'm back to the command line again (this was an experiment to review a 
claim I make in a presentation I make fairly frequently about GUI's 
interfaces to version control being c**p - glad I don't have to change 
my slide ;-)

Anyway, your solution is slightly different to mine, but I yours is in 
there now, so we'll stick with that. Thanks.

With respect to your change to the build.xml file, it's not necessary. 
But if you find it more appropriate this way, I have no problem with it 
(this whole section will need to be refactored when we have plugin 
loading code etc.)

Big thanks for the corrections to my docs too.

> Using the 'dot' in '.*' in regexp can I believe cause problems
> Between Unix and Windows if used in such a way the newlines
> Are part of the equation, not sure if it will apply here or in
> The future.

I really want to reuse the matcher code from Cocoon for the matcher 
stuff that would provide us with the more user friendly Cocoon notation 
(as well as a more complete RE implementation).

> I also think that as part of the 'clean' process we should be deleting the
>, WDYT?

+1 (I've made the change)

> It would be nice at this stage to be able to run a webapp (using Jetty ?)
> To see some styled output to a web browser.
> What needs to be done to do this?

It's very simple (if you know servlets), one of the goals of Forrest2 is 
to make it easy to embed in different environments.

I do have basic code for this, I committed it to SVN just before sending 
this mail. See the see forrest-webapp dir.

The "problem" with this code is that it does not have a *working* ANT 
script (or other mechanism) for running it in Jetty or whatever, I have 
not found the time to complete this yet. If you want to complete the 
necessary runner in the ANT script, that would be very helpful.

The second problem is that there is very little testing on this code (in 
fact none since I did all the recent refactoring) and I have not made 
any attempt to make it configurable. Of course, I am more than happy to 
turn some of my attention to this if it is what is needed to help people 
  explore Forrest2.

> I see the Wicket Demo has a webapp, how can I run that?

The easiest way is to use Eclipse with the Wicket Bench plugin. However, 
be aware that this uses wicket 2 (still in alpha) and that the published 
Wicket Bench plugin is for Wicket 1.2 (there is a snapshot compiled 
against Wicket 2.0).

The current Wicket Demo is pretty limited and is only really useful as a 
demo. Whilst this is also true of the webapp code I think our community 
efforts would be better spent on the servlet webapp since this is more 
accessible, i.e. it has no additional dependencies.

Of course, if you have a special interest in Wicket integration stuff 
then I'll be happy to help you get it up and running.

> I don't have a JAVA editor AFAIK so can not edit the .class or .java files,
> Any suggestions on a suitable program to use?

I use Eclipse. All my Java code committed to SVN have the necessary 
eclipse config files (although they are not tested outside of my own 


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