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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject forrest2 and the future
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 01:55:01 GMT
Figured I'd start a new thread to give some comments/questions now
that I'm able to build it.

First, great work on this.  I feel I was pretty tough - for good
reason - when the idea first presented itself.  I now feel like we've
got the basis for some concrete feedback.

Now that I'm able to get the vision, I'm wondering what the way ahead
is.  I realize we've had very little feedback from the rest of the
community but I'd like to hear your concept.  Is this codebase to seed
thought or to be a foundation?

I ask for several reasons:

o) I think we've got a good situation where a Forrest Tuesday might be
in order to get everyone on the same page to provide feedback.

o) I wonder whether it's worth contributing to the rather obvious
holes that currently exist.

o) I wonder whether you've got much invested in this particular
codebase and thus aren't willing to shift so much OR you're pliable?
For example, I dont' particularly care for the implicit protocol
pipelining and would rather a more explicit approach/grammar.  I think
the need to make matching decisions on Servlet parameters is
essential.  Etc.

Thanks again for providing some concrete basis for this discussion.

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