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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject An appropriate use of our zone?
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 00:17:01 GMT
I'd like to add a section in our zone for running tests and examples 
from the Forrest 2 experiment. As with all Forrest 2 experimentation I 
am treading carefully for fear of giving the impression that this work 
is in any way endorsed by the community at this point. Since it's in 
whiteboard this is implicit, but I prefer to be explicit to give people 
a chance to object given my previously stated community concerns, i.e. 
diverting attention away from Forrest 0.8.


Lazy consensus is in operation here. Pending the usual time delay and my 
own time availability I will take the following actions:

- Create a area

- Link to this from the zones home page with a clear statement about the 
experimental status of the code

- add a "Forrest 2 Experiment" home page with links to...

- the Hello World example, built daily from a cron job

- the affiliate catalogue example, built daily from a cron job (using 
demo data not real affiliate data)

- the Forrest2 + Wicket Example, actually an expanded example. This will 
be a dynamic example

Each of these examples will grow and others may be added in the future 
as and when they are complete. For example, when dispatcher is ready as 
stand alone code I want to work at building the Forrest test sites using 
Forrest 2 + Dispatcher.


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