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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: content of release [was: Re: review list of scheduled issues for 0.8 release]
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 01:25:45 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Both forrestbot and forrestbar are not in the whiteboard,
> they are in "tools"..

My mistake, I'm not on my dev machine at present and didn't check the 
facts before posting. Forrestbar I have no argument with and since it is 
not in whiteboard, nobody need move it out, obviously.

Forrestbot I do have a small problem with...

> I have been happily using forrestbot every week to publish
> the Forrest site, and i use it for a work-related site to
> efficiently publish two versions of the same site. I do not
> see any "stability" issues and i do not see any required
> new features.
> What do you think that it lacks?

The forrestbot CLI works just fine for me as well, it is the webapp that 
has problems. The two critical issues are that it reports the wrong 
status of the last build, and is unstable in that it needs regular 
rebooting (I think this is a scalability problem, but have not had the 
time to investigate fully)

Perhaps the webapp should be moved to the whiteboard, leaving the CLI in 
tools and therefore the release. This would reduce the forrest bot from 
approx 3.7MB to approx 1.3MB.


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