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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: TDD and Forrest project development
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 17:21:33 GMT
Marek Majchrzak wrote:
> Hello, 
> Sorry for off topic post.
> I'm looking for information about testing approach in Your project. I would
> like to know whether developers use in this project TDD (test driven
> development) approach or not.
> I need this information in order to perform some metrics comparison and
> research for University purpose.

In short, no, wee do not use TDD. Although we all agree we should.

One problem for us is that most of our development here is in XML/XSLT 
etc. Testing such environments is harder than, for example, testing 
Java code.

We do have a number of versions of Forrest running on our Zone, these 
automatically build various test sites every few hours and notify the 
list if anything breaks. However, it still requires someone to actually 
go and look at the output to ensure it is all working.

There are, as you probably know, methods for testing HTML generated 
pages etc. but Forrest does much more than that, we can't easily test 
all the outputs of Forrest.

However, the new experimental code in whiteboard for Forrest2 does have 
unit tests for its java code. However, I doubt this will be of use in 
your work as the code is very new and isn't very exhaustive at this time.


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