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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Building Forrest 2
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 11:48:00 GMT
Gav.... wrote:

> However 2 things I needed to do in order for this to happen.
> 1. I had to comment out this line :-
> <license name="Apache Software License"/>
> From
> D:\Apache2\forrest\whiteboard\forrest2\core\tools\ivy\repository\cglib\cglib
> -nodep\ivy-2.1_3.xml.
> It does not recognise the <license> element.

Hmmm... according to [1] this is correct and it works fine for me and 
for others. What makes you thing it is not recognised?

Note that this same element is in use for the Xerces descriptor

> 2. Your example getting started code says :-
> ant -Dcontent.object.dir=[FORREST2_HOME]/src/examples/helloWorld
> -Dcontent.object.start.uri=helloWorld.html run
> However this command has to be run from the [FORREST2_HOME]/core directory
> and so just specifying ant -Dcontent.object.dir=src/examples/helloWorld
> -Dcontent.object.start.uri=helloWorld.html run
> Worked for me, in other words removing '[FORREST2_HOME]/'

Yes, but I left it in for clarity - you must provide the full path to 
your content object. In this case it works because the relative path is 
calculated correctly since it is a subdirectory. However, if you create 
your own content object somewhere else you need the full path.

This could be explained but I am trying to keep getting started to the 
minimum number of words.


> So somewhere it is actually looking one directory above what is specified.

That's a confusion I brought in with the change in directory structure. 
[FORREST2_HOME] used to contain what is in core now it doesn't it 
continas sub directories for other Forrest2 modules.

I've add the follwoing to Getting started:

"Where [FORREST2_HOME] is the path to your Forrest2 core directory."

> So after these changes, it compiles and works fine and get html and xhtml
> file output in The command window, nothing else happens , so need to read
> A bit more to see what else can be done with the code so far.

It doesn't do a great deal right now. Whilst you are playing it would be 
grewat if you could create a content object to actually do something 
useful. This will illustrate the large number of things that don't work 
(like no image handling, no skinning etc.)

If you are a Java person a really important improvement would be to 
enhance the CLI to output the generated content to disk. Should be easy 
to do without getting deep into the code. Once we have that we can start 
playing with site generation.

(but we must all remember finishing 0.8, I feel a bit of "shiny new 
thing" syndrome here)



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