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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Building Forrest 2
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 10:38:06 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> There are some example content objects in
>> src/examples for you to try out, for example:
>> ant -Dcontent.object.dir=[FORREST2_HOME]/src/examples/helloWorld 
>> -Dcontent.object.start.uri=helloWorld.html run
>> I hope you have more success with this, of course, let me know if you don't
> Doesn't work for me: "Mac OS X" Java5:
> svn up
> cd /svn/asf/forrest/whiteboard/forrest2/core
> ant clean; ant compile-core
> ant -Dcontent.object.dir=src/examples/helloWorld -Dcontent.object.start.uri=helloWorld.html
> ...
> ... ivy seems okay, then two errors:
> ...
> run:
>      [java] log4j:ERROR Could not connect to remote log4j server at [localhost]. We will
try again later.
>      [java] Connection refused
>      [java]     at Method)

Doesn't matter. This is a logging thing. Log output also goes to console 
log4j will just ignore the socket appender if it cannot connect. You can 
remove this by removing the "socket" appender from the 

Alternatively, you could start up a Chainsaw [2] a tool for working with 
logs sent over a network connection.

>      [java] 0    [main] INFO  org.apache.forrest.core.Controller (?:?)  - Using Spring
Context definition in src/forrestContext.xml
>      [java] org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException: IOException
parsing XML document from file [/svn/asf/forrest/whiteboard/forrest2/core/src/examples/helloWorld/svn/asf/forrest/whiteboard/forrest2/core/src/examples/helloWorld/src/forrestContext.xml];
nested exception is svn/asf/forrest/whiteboard/forrest2/core/src/examples/helloWorld/src/forrestContext.xml
(No such file or directory)
>      [java] Caused by: svn/asf/forrest/whiteboard/forrest2/core/src/examples/helloWorld/src/forrestContext.xml
(No such file or directory)
>      [java]     at Method)
> ...
> ---------------
> Seems to be mangling the pathname somehow. Also tried with
> full pathname for content.object.dir with same result.

That forrestContext.xml file should exist in the location indicated 
(assuming svn/asf/forrest/whiteboard/forrest2/core is the path to your 
forrest2 code). See [1]

Can you please verify that is the case.




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