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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Ivy repo (Re: Building Forrest 2)
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 00:44:27 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>> Tim Williams wrote:
>>>>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>>> Still seems something is wrong - either in dependencies or my
>>>>> environment; not sure which.  Below is my output.
>>>> Those missing dependencies were coming from the iBiblio Maven repo, but 
>>>> I've heard many a story about how unreliable this is. I've added them to

>>>> our repo in SVN.
>>> How do other projects handle this? Is there talk at ivy mail lists?
>> There is a public "sandbox" repo that the Ivy project manages. Our Ivy 
>> build file is set up to use it, but as you will see from Tim's mails, I 
>> inadvertently commented out this section of the config. If it's not in 
>> there it looks in the iBiblio Maven2 repo.
>> Yes, there is talk on the Ivy lists, but nothing concrete and it has 
>> stalled. I'm going to start a discussion over there when I can. Having 
>> them in our SVN is temporary (and is no more wasteful than having a lib 
>> directory anyway).
>> In the interim I plan to move the repo out of 
>> forrest2/core/tools/ivy/repository and into whiteboard/ivy/repository. 
>> This will make it useful to other code in Forrest, including trunk/main.
> We need to trim down the need for local jars, both in our
> local ivy respository and elsewhere in our build.

I think I can safely claim that Forrest2 has trimmed down the jars 
considerably. The use of Ivy (I should say proper use) will remove all 
need for them.

> BTW, why are we using an old version of xerces for forrest2?

No reason.

> It builds now. 

Cool, thanks for the feedback.

> However there is no forrest.jar created.

Why do you need a Forrest jar? Are you referring to the old version of 
Getting Started that incorrectly referred to a forrest.jar? If so take a 
look at my other mail in this thread (or just svn p GettingStarted.html 
and read that).

I've now tested the ant build outside of Eclipse so it should work for 
everyone now (probably too bold a claim!).


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