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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: content of release [was: Re: review list of scheduled issues for 0.8 release]
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 23:56:31 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> >
> >Regarding the whiteboard and seeing that the dispatcher has gained wider
> >community support, I think we should either move the dispatcher out of
> >the whiteboard or include the whiteboard into the release.
> I'm still of the opinion that nothing in whiteboard goes into the 
> release. If something is stable and community oriented enough to warrant 
> going into the release then we should attend to it as part of the 0.8 
> release cycle.
> Candidates for migration from whiteboard are, IMHO:
> - dispatcher
> - forrestbot
> - forrestbar
> Dispatcher looks like a given to me, in fact I've called for someone to 
> bring it out of whiteboard many times, if the devs active on that code 
> now agree it is ready then this is great news.
> Forrestbot is, in my opinion, not stable or complete enough for release 
> as a user tool (althoug I do have it running in a couple of locations). 
> David points out that we have "released" it before, but this is only as 
> a part of whiteboard, I don't really see that as a release since 
> whiteboard has always had the status of experimental and potentially 
> unsupported code.

Both forrestbot and forrestbar are not in the whiteboard,
they are in "tools"..

I have been happily using forrestbot every week to publish
the Forrest site, and i use it for a work-related site to
efficiently publish two versions of the same site. I do not
see any "stability" issues and i do not see any required
new features.

What do you think that it lacks?


> Forrest bar seems very popular with devs and is a very useful tool when 
> trying to empower new devs. We are missing an opportunity having it 
> hidden away in whiteboard. Someone should bring it out (sorry, not me, 
> too little time right now).
> Ross

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