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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Wiki
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 07:55:20 GMT
C. Grobmeier wrote:
> Gavin wrote:
> >Here is one such thread :-
> >
> >Can't seem to find the one where I was involved at the moment, 
> >Will have another look later.

Thanks. That links to some of the past discussion too.

We need to review those threads, some great ideas evolved.

> Thank you very much. I read it and understand, that you don't want a 
> wiki cause it's to early for this project. You fear that docs are in the 
> wiki but not in the core docs, that the PMC can't oversight the entries 
> and so on.
> I see a wiki more as a sandbox. It contents small artifacts of users who 
> don't want to get involved in the mailinglist or of users who don't want 
> to start creating a patch. Sometimes a wiki makes things easier. It 
> works for Commons and i think for Struts too.
> But i -really- don't want to bring this old discussion back to life 
> cause i am new to this project and hope to see your reasons more clearly 
> when i am deeper into it. I just was curious cause many projects use a 
> wiki but Forrest don't.

Well one reason is our history and purpose. We are
our own documentation system. Open your text editor,
tweak our doc sources in site-author/ and review
them with 'forrest run'. However we have received
very few documentation patches.

The above linked to an important proposal discussion
which has not yet been implemented. Either use Lenya
or piggyback on Cocoon's Daisy.
 [PROPOSAL] A CMS for our Docs

I glanced through that again. If someone could help to
summarise it and make a new proposal, that would be

The Forrest project seems to be gaining some new energy
these days, so perhaps we can move forward.


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