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From "Gav...." <>
Subject RE: forrest2 and the future
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 11:36:37 GMT
Hi All,

> Tim Williams wrote:
> > First, great work on this.  


> > I feel I was pretty tough - for good
> > reason - when the idea first presented itself.  I now feel like we've
> > got the basis for some concrete feedback.

This was my thinking too, I wasn't tough though, just that I could not
Base any kind of constructive feedback based on ideas alone, I needed
Code to look at. Now that we have some, hopefully more feedback will
Come of it. I like what I see so far and can sort of see where it 
Might be headed. My only feedback for the initial period I think will
Have to come in the form of testing and possibly patches. Until it has
Moved along a bit more I can not make judgment on direction or use of
One way of doing something as opposed to another unless it is really
Obvious to me. I am happy to let it find its own path for the time


> > o) I think we've got a good situation where a Forrest Tuesday might be
> > in order to get everyone on the same page to provide feedback.
> Probably a good idea, but not until the new year. We don't need to rush
> on this, we need to get 0.8 out and we need to give people time to look
> at the experimental stuff in whiteboard.

Yes, concerns of many I think, after my initial look, excitement and play
With this new code I will shortly revert back to concentrate on what I
Can do to help with 0.8-dev and getting it released. I will still give
feedback on the new code where I can.

There is nothing to say that Forrest %day should not come back to help the
Process of closing Roadmap Issues. In fact I think it should come back for
This purpose.


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