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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: HTML source files broken
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 03:11:22 GMT
B??rre Gaup wrote:
> David Crossley ????lii:
> > B??rre Gaup wrote:
> </snip>
> > > The reason for this error was the we had hyphens (-) in the filename.
> > > When we replaced the hyphens with underscores, everything worked like a
> > > charm again.
> >
> > That is strange. I have a site that uses Dispatcher (pelt) and
> > an html source which has hyphens in the filename. I get no errors.
> I tried to experiment with the filename a bit. 
> If I name the file "upload-corpus_file.html" it works, but if I call 
> it "upload_corpus-file.html" forrest crashes.
> Could the error have something to do with the "-file" part?

Try it with something other than "-file". The trouble might
be that the sitemaps have some match that operates on the
"-file" pattern.

We already had a number of "reserved patterns". I hope that
we have not recently added more.


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