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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Plugin Specific Stylsheets
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 00:16:41 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> I think we touched on this before, at least I remember lots of
> Questions on how can it be done.

IIRC there were also some suggestions.

> As an example FOR-412 has a stylesheet in Jira ready to be applied
> But we don't know where to apply it (at least I don't).
> We don't want plugin specific stylesheets to be mixed up with
> Skin or theme stylesheets because they will be redundant to
> Those that don't use the plugin. Also things like images that
> Are for the projectinfo plugin reside in core when they should 
> Also be in the plugin as they are plugin specific.
> So I had a thought. I wonder if we can create a /resources/css
> In the plugin, put any stylesheets in there, enable it with
> A 'plugin.stylesheet="yes"' in the plugins

I don't understand why any such property is needed.

> And then get forrest to check for this when the 'forrest' gets built
> And adds it to the projects /resources/css and adds it to the rendered
> Output.
> Does that make sense. If so or not any ideas on how to get started?
> Once this plugin stylesheet problem is sorted then a few issues I think
> Can be closed, including FOR-412 to start with to test if the solution
> Works.

The other part is how to include the
<head><link href="foo/bar.css" ...
in the html output. That is easy with Dispatcher as there
is a contract for it. Not sure how with Skins.


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