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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: i18n/dispatcher: language selection contract
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 15:09:55 GMT
Den 14. sep. 2006 kl. 17.38 skrev Gav....:

>> I have in my {$project}/resources/themes/pelt.fv the following  
>> snippet:
>>            <forrest:hook class="languages">TEST
>>              <forrest:contract name="language-variants" />
>>            </forrest:hook>
> Looks good, but I removed the word TEST.

Ok. I already read the comment from Thorsten.

>> for the hook. The first version of the contract, located in
>> {$project}/resources/themes/common/html/language-variants.ft,
>> contains the following:
> To be available for all themes this is the place to put it, but if
> You are only using it in pelt theme and only declaring it in pelt.fv
> Then putting it in /themes/pelt/html/language-variants.ft makes better
> Sense, but does not make any difference to this working or not as
> Common is fallback location, just thought I'd mention it.

Thanks for informing me. I hope it would have common interest, if I  
ever get it to work:-)

>> I would hve expected it to output "SME", but nothing shows up.
> It is looking good, two things to note here, having the 'debug  
> string -'
> Gives an error message output to the console and is a good help.

console should be the terminal window in which I'm running forrest,  

I can see no traces of that message on the console, nor in any log file.

> Unfortunatly it also makes this script fail, removing it cured it  
> for me.

I had/have no such problems.

> I also had a failure of
>     <forrest:template xmlns:forrest="
>  templates/1.0"
> because they were separate, this may be a cut-n-paste thing on my  
> part if
> the mail was wrapped.

Probably since I didn't have any such problems with the code:-)


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