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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: Dispatcher i18n update + three more issues
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 04:50:42 GMT
Den 26. sep. 2006 kl. 02.14 skrev Gav....:

>> In this case shouldn't the fallback be defined as a specific  
>> language,
>> i.e. English. In which case the fallback should be
>> "ContractsMessages_en.xml" shouldn't it (as opposed to
>> "ContractMessages.xml").
> Sounds like the best way, haven't tested Sjurs patches yet, but  
> hopefully
> Then that wont mean having ?locale=en in the url for the default.

Actually, Ross' suggestion would require just that, although I am a  
little unsure of the impact of the fact that en_US is defined as the  
global default language. It could mean that for that special case you  
would get the _en version without writing ?locale=en.

In the general case it works like this:

- when there's no locale match, the ContractsMessages.xml (without  
_en) will be used
- if there is a locale match, the match will be used
- if there's no match and no default/fallback file (like  
ContractsMessages.xml), the strings will be left untranslated

That means that in cases where the input strings (those to be  
translated) are themselves perfect strings in one language (say,  
English), *there's no need to do translation at all*. Which means  
that all of the following files are superfluous:

- ContractsMessages_en.xml
- ContractsMessages_us.xml (the original, with misspelled locale)
- ContractsMessages.xml

That is, you can just delete it, and the strings will appear in  
English if there's no match. The only benefit of having it there is  
to serve as an example for new translations.

Beware that when the input strings are NOT human readable by most  
people (like ISO 639 language codes), it is necessary to have at  
least the fallback file to ensure that the input strings are always  
translated into something understandable in some language.


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