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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Dispatcher i18n update + three more issues
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:53:34 GMT
Gav.... wrote:

>> 2) There should probably be a default/fallback ContractsMessages.xml
>> file, which should really be the file above (ie the English one, if
>> one wants to have English as the fallback language, which I expect
>> one does). Not having one will at least cause some noise in the log
>> files, and might also generate errors
> Ok, so exactly the same file, no changes apart from the file name ?
> No sure how others do it, but I would just copy the file, give it the
> New name and then add it to our svn with 'svn add filename.xml' and then
> Commit it. So, again no patch needed.

To copy a file in svn do "svn cp SRC_FILE DEST_FILE" this has the 
advantage of keeping the SVN history for the file.

However, be wary of copying files (as opposed to moving). If you have 
two files that are identical, and are likely to remain identical, as is 
the case here, this is usually an indicator of doing something the wrong 

In this case shouldn't the fallback be defined as a specific language, 
i.e. English. In which case the fallback should be 
"ContractsMessages_en.xml" shouldn't it (as opposed to 


> I guess once the jira issues you created are applied then we'll be able to
> Test these out also.
> I'm going to download your patches and try them out anyway.

Remember you are committer Gav. If you find they work then commit them, 
don't wait for others to test them as well.

> But I think a new Jira issue should be made to remember to do these, maybe
> as a subtask as one of the others? Sub-tasks don't get used often enough


> Great work on all this i18n stuff !! :)



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