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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: xinclude
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 13:11:04 GMT
Jim Dixon wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>>>>A better approach would be to process the XIncludes before validation,
>>>>>>stripping off the xlmns:xi attribute from the document element and
>>>>>>replacing xi:includes with whatever they resolve to.  This should
>>>>>>cheaper than it might seem: unless the xmlns:xi is present, the
>>>>>>document is simply handed on to the validator untouched.
>>>>>I can't see an easy way of doing this as, in many cases, the included
>>>>>content is generated by Forrest. In fact, this would be a problem if the
>>>>>parser were doing the includes.
>>>>I am baffled.  How would it be a problem if the parser was doing the
>>>David points out in another message that the validate-xdocs is done
>>>prior to Forrest doing any transformations on content, it only validates
>>>the *source* documents.
> Yes.  Now think carefully about what you are saying.  Validation is
> against the DTD, say document-v20.dtd.  This is validation of the source
> document.  As it stands, if that source document has any xs:includes in
> it, it is rejected by the validator.


> What you are saying is that when (some?) source documents are translated
> into internal format, Forrest adds xi:includes, and the transformed
> documents would not validate. That is, Forrest's internal format is not
> compliant with document-v20.dtd.

Consider this XDoc snippet which could be a source document:

     <p>blah blah blah</p>
     <xi:include src="bar/productList.xml"/>

Now, consider that "bar/productList.xml" is generated by Forrest, 
through a query to a relational database.

If we simply "turn on" validation using the parser there xi:inlude would 
not exist since it is a dynamically created document. So that brings us 
to your proposal:


> A cleaner solution, which involves little work, is to add an include
> element to document-v20, which has the same attributes as xi:include.


We are working towards an internal document format that is a subset of 
XHTML2. We have, for some time now, only been allowing changes to the 
XDoc DTD that conforms to XHTML2 because of this.

> Also permit a xmlns:xi attribute on the document.  

I take it you mean the namespace - in which case this should be fine.

  > Then turn on XInclusion in the parser.
> Advise users that if they want to avoid validation of XIncluded XML
> (because the XML doesn't exist yet, because it isn't static) they should
> use the <include> element - which could only be used in certain places.

Since we can't have an include element this would be replaced by a 
message telling the user that if they are xi:inluding dynamic content 
they should turn off validation for those pages. Our existing validation 
exclusion code will work fine for this.


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