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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Dispatcher i18n update + three more issues
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 09:53:53 GMT
Sorry, sluggish/no internet connection and lots of work, prevent me to
be a bigger help.

some remarks:

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 08:56 +0300, Sjur Moshagen wrote:
> Den 25. sep. 2006 kl. 17.17 skrev Gav....:
> >> 3) when doing a forrest seed, the translation files in whiteboard/
> >> plugins/o.a.f.plugin.internal.dispatcher/messages/ should be included
> >> in the src/documentation/translations/ directory, with a proper note
> >> on them being useful only with the dispatcher. Without translation
> >> files in this location, the standard "messages" (Last published,
> >> Search, etc.) will not be translated.
> >
> > So what is the best way to do this, do you mean just moving the  
> > files into
> > That location permanently and removing them from their current  
> > location, or
> > Doing some xslt magic to create them there from the originals at  
> > build time?
> I would imagine an ant task to copy the files as part of the forrest  
> seed task. 

This issue are about removing such ant tasks (the last issue is about
skin related copy task). Maybe we should take the opportunity and
refactor this targets. Something like forrest seed-dispatcher and
forrest seed-skins both based on the fresh site and then copying the
specific stuff from the plugins.

> > Have you tested these locally with your patches you made ?
> Yes, and I found that the Dispatcher translation files only work if  
> placed in the project location (but I didn't test this  
> systematically, so please repeat it with your setup)

It is a long time when I added the i18n support to the dispatcher and
since then hardly reviewed it.
<map:transformer name="i18n" 
        <catalogues default="contracts">
          <catalogue id="other" name="OtherMessages" location="{lm:project.translations}"
          <catalogue id="contracts" name="ContractsMessages" 
            location="{lm:project.translations}" />

I reckon the problem is because {lm:project.translations} is not looking
into the fallback translation of the dispatcher.

<match pattern="project.translations">
        <location src="{properties:translations}" />

Did you try to change the properties:translations in your to point

That should work, but here you see that we need to harmonize the i18n stuff of all plugins.

> > But I think a new Jira issue should be made to remember to do  
> > these, maybe
> > as a subtask as one of the others? Sub-tasks don't get used often  
> > enough
> > IMHO and think that maybe the three you just opened could have been  
> > all
> > sub-tasks of one jira issue. But this is a reflection on our  
> > current methods
> > as
> > A whole rather than how you created them - everyone else would have  
> > done the
> > Same I think. This is a good example of sub-tasking, each of those  
> > three
> > issues combined with the 3 new issues you identify above would not  
> > work
> > without the others also being completed.
> I'll try to create one super-issue and add the existing (and new)  
> issues as sub-issues to that one.
> > Great work on all this i18n stuff !! :)
> Thanks:-)

Yeah, thanks very much Sjur. I will try to catch up with all your work
but ATM I am not able. Sorry and keep up the good work.

Thorsten Scherler
COO Spain
Wyona Inc.  -  Open Source Content Management  -  Apache Lenya               

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