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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject Site-author organization
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2006 13:03:31 GMT
I've tried to give this new organization the benefit of the doubt and
chalk my initial inability to find things up to it just being
something new.  Now, having lived with it for a while, I still can't
seem to find things in here.  Most of what I want turns out to be
under the "Developers" tab.  The three main headings under there use
the most ambigious words I think:

"Getting Involved" - Isn't anything under the this tab really about
getting involved?

"Resources and Infrastructure" - Resources is way too ambigious to be
a part of a navigation scheme I think.  Infrastructure also doesn't
carry much meaning when I think of an open source project.  It turns
out that likely what most folks are looking for is really under here
(mailing lists, code access, and issue reporting).

"Best Practices and Procedures" - Again, I think it doesn't carry
enough common concrete meaning to be a part of a navigation scheme.
Do people know what they can expect to find when they click this?

"Project" - This is currently buried under "Getting Involveld".  It
seems to me that there is some good information that should be given a
better spot.

If I'm the only one that feels confused by the current navigation
scheme I will get over it and eventually get used to it.  If not,
maybe we could kick around some alternative schemes on the mail list
to improve it?

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