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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (FOR-921) decide and document the future of ForrestFriday IRC get togethers
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 12:24:00 GMT
Gav.... wrote:

> The incubator IRC discussions recently express a wide range of differing
> opinions on whether IRC is beneficial or not for particular projects, for
> those projects community health, and for the code base. I think we are more
> or less agreed here that IRC is still beneficial to forrest, does not harm
> or exclude the community, and enables faster production.

Nope we are not *all* agreed. I have my reservations as expressed in the 
thread David links to in the issue (FOR-921).

These are reservations not objections though. It is these reservations 
that prevent me putting time into running an IRC session. It's 
interesting that although everyone else thinks it is a good idea nobody 
has been able to find the time in the last two months to get it 
together. I think this speaks volumes.

> Ross mentioned whether it would be an idea to have 'another' IRC session
> where devs could basically run a Q & A for newcomers to forrest. I like this
> idea, whether it would work as a second IRC session is debatable, recent
> events show that it is difficult enough to get devs together for one
> session. In which case then, maybe an hour or so of Q & A could be tagged on
> to the end of a normal Forrest Friday (or what day it ends up), any good?

I think that was my intention when I suggested it, i.e. not separate 
sessions, but an allocated slot or slots within the existing IRC 
session. I believe having devs available to get users up to speed will 
be good for our user base and therefore for our developer base.

The problem is that to do this we have to be sure someone is online at 
the appointed time(s). I'm not sure how many of us can be as rigid with 
our commitments to a volunteer effort.

> With all the talk of a new and improved forrest, I think it a good idea to
> get IRC up and running again very soon. 

I agree that *if* the community want to see my prototype code it would 
be a good idea to have an IRC session in which we can experiment with it 
and I am on hand to discuss how to achieve certain things. This would 
kickstart the evaluation process and give me an insight into the areas 
that are not intuitive.

However, the code is not ready for this yet.

I doubt that IRC would help the RT discussion. Email allows us the time 
to absorb what has been said and to let our imaginations flow. IRC is 
too "instant" for that to happen.

> And as others have said previously,
> it really does also help the community spirit, being able to virtually meet
> up and have a bit of socialising during the event also.

+1 - my reservations are with respect to the ability to do real work in 
the way we have been trying to in the past, I have no reservations with 
respect to the social aspects of IRC.


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