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From "C. Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: [RT] A new Forrest implementation?
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 07:20:54 GMT
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> As a result of all this we may find ourselves attracted more users who
> are willing to dive in and do something useful with the internals. This
> can only be a good thing, there are too few users being converted to
> truly active developers for the project to survive. In my opinion this
> is because to do anyting other than generate a website is just too
> damned difficult right now.

i am a dev, but wanted to use forrest as an end user. It was difficult
to get into it without reading and understanding lots of docs. It would
be great if forrest could be used within short time. If you would start
to make forrest to what i have expected- a lightweight framework (easy
to learn and easy to handle) for publishing my website (static- or in
php code maybe) i would be really glad. In my dreams, someone can "learn
everything needed" with 1 hour reading docs. In the second hour he/she
can publish a website with everything needed.

Maybe a experienced forrest'er or cocoon guy can do this, but for me it
was try/error, reading, pain and at the end i decided to do this when i
have more time.

> Then we scale down development on the 1.0 branch going into maintenance
> only. Therefore this new development would be a new 2.0 trunk (yes, new
> trunk as in we have none of the existing code in there by default).

Why not make up a forrest-sandbox module and write a prototype first?
You could see if there are any contributions or how the feedback is. At
the other hand, development can start right now.

Thanks for discussing this,

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