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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [RT] A new Forrest implementation?
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 15:56:52 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> Of course, we don't want to re-invent the wheel, what others have got that
> we can use then that’s good, but don't bolt in a complete jumbo jet just
> To utilise the wings.

This encapusulates my argument quite well. Thanks.

> And now to quote from the Projects main index page ...
> "... Forrest's focus on low "startup cost" makes it ideal for rapid
> development of small sites, where time and budget constraints do not allow
> time-wasting HTML experiments. Of course, that same methodology can scale up
> to large projects. Your development team does not need Java experience, or
> even XML skills, to use Forrest. The framework lets you concentrate on
> content and design.
> By separating content from presentation, providing content templates and
> pre-written skins, Forrest is unequalled at enabling content producers to
> get their message out fast. This separation of concerns makes Forrest
> excellent to publish project documentation (notably software projects),
> intranets, and home pages, and anything else you can think of..."
> A number of points to raise here .


>>I see the possible new branch being a complete implementation of Forrest
>>as it currently stands (i.e. with a CLI, with in place editing and with
>>a WAR distribution). This would be built on a new framework that
>>replaces Cocoon.
> I realise Windows may be a dirty word, and that in the end Forrest will run
> on whatever platform and will publish to whatever web server, I just can't
> help thinking though that because the majority of desktops in the home and
> the office run Windows, that we are missing out on a large userbase/devbase
> if we don't also try and do something to help those that are scared of CLI
> and the feared 'dot prompt' ($p$g) . 

Well there is the Eclipse plugin. But that has recieved almost no 
attention. Why? For me the reason is that Forrest cannot be cleanly 
embedded within Eclipse because it is a webapplication with a clunky CLI 
on the front.

I want to be able to embed the processing within Eclipse itself so that 
it all happens internally, no hanging around waiting for webapps to warm 
up etc.

The same would be true of embedding Forrest in any end-user environemnt.

> Anyway, could more be done in this regard? What about a Windows Installer,
> asks a few questions with a 'comfy and cosy' GUI and let the installer do
> the dirty work getting it all installed in place and configured ready for
> use?

Forrest is a framework for building publishing tools, at least it is 
supposed to. Someone could build a windows installer, but it won't help 
attract developers because it's just to hard to reuse the framework for 
anything other than building websites.

> I also think that more use of PHP both as an input and output could be
> looked at.

Again, making the whole thing more embeddable as I describe would be one 
way to facilitate this.

> I wonder if we could weave a bit of AJAX in there too :)

I'm not sure about this one. It's a publication framework not a web 
appliction framework. Do you have use cases in mind?


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