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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: adding site-wide configuration files
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 20:08:58 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>Ross Gardler escribi??:
>>>Mathieu Champlon wrote:
>>>>3/ configuration variables precedence order
>>>>It seems from reading ForrestConfModule#initialize that configuration
>>>>variables come from four different sources, in this order (the first
>>>>defined wins) :
>>>>. system properties
>>>>. xml configuration files
>>>>. property configuration files
>>>>. plugin xml configuration files
>>>>System properties are defined in the ant scripts as the properties
>>>>starting with either 'forrest.' or 'project.', including -D properties
>>>>from command-line and properties loaded from files with <property
>>>>Therefore all configuration variables defined in property files loaded
>>>>by are accessible as system properties in
>>>>ForrestConfModule (well actually not all of them, because 'proxy' isn't,
>>>>but it's used only in ant scripts).
>>>>So there is no need to reload ${project.home}/ in
>>>>Moreover, as the system properties are loaded at the end but replace all
>>>>other properties (in ForrestConfModule#loadSystemProperties),
>>>>configuration values from xml files are actually replaced by values from
>>>>property files.
>>>>So the actual precedence order is :
>>>>. command-line properties
>>>>. property configuration files
>>>>. xml configuration files
>>>>. plugin xml configuration files
>>>>What I suggest is to refactor ForrestConfModule#initialize so that it
>>>>clearly reflects all this, simplifying it at the same time, mostly by
>>>>removing the unnecessary code and re-arranging the loading order.
>>>That all sounds fine by me.
>>You forgot the ones from forrest-core.xconf.
>>ForrestConfModule does not implement configure(...) meaning it will use
>>the one from super (DefaultsModule). This is adding properties from the
>>configuration (which are different for defaults vs. project).
> There is also another way to add properties.
> Cocoon has a new properties system which we have not
> been using yet. The version of Cocoon that we are
> currently using is not the most recent, but it includes
> an implementation which does work.
> It reads properties from a set of configuration files
> under WEB-INF/properties/ (in our version of Cocoon).
> These properties can then be used in Cocoon's xconf
> and sitemaps.
> (That is for the current Cocoon trunk.)
> See

As far as I am aware, there isn't currently a way to add files to 
WEB-INF from within the project directory. So this method brings us back 
to the same problem of needing to edit Forrest core.

Having said that a config system that uses standard Cocoon methods can't 
be a bad thing. So, anyone got the time to add the ability to add files 
to WEB-INF from within a project. Hint... it is not simple, at least 
given my initial thoughts, since it would break the in place editing 


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