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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [jira] Closed: (FOR-913) failure when ${project.home}/ does not exist
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 09:44:13 GMT
Mathieu Champlon wrote:
>> Ross Gardler closed FOR-913.
>> ----------------------------
>>     Resolution: Invalid
>> has nothing to do with ant. It provides 
>> configuration values for forrest.
>> A file is required.


> What I was trying to explain is that a file seems 
> indeed required while its content isn't.
> If you seed a new project and remove everything from the 
> file, it builds fine (using default configuration).
> But if you remove the (now empty) file, the build breaks.
> In the context of several projects with an automated/centralized build 
> process, it isn't very convenient to maintain a file 
> for each project.


> For example if the proxy configuration must be changed, it's much easier 
> to change it in one place rather than going through every project.


OK, that all makes sense. But how is this changed by having a blank file? (rhetorical question... keep reading)

> I understand that it might not be considered a bug, especially with such 
> an easy workaround (an empty file).


> Maybe this could be a feature request ?


> By the way the patch is really simple, involving only a couple of java 
> lines in forrest.

Then why not provide us with a patch? (again a rhetorical question, keep 
reading, I just want to point out we need your help)

I've applied a guard around the necessary code. It should now work 
without a file.


Perhaps your use case requries a new site-wide properties file. It would 
be easier to manage than setting properties in your ant build file and 
is easy to implement.

The loading of the properites is handled by 

It is also worth noting that in a future version of Forrest (probably 
0.9) we will be moving to a new XML property configuration system. This 
provides much more flexibility than the existing system. If you add a 
site-wide file please be sure to add an equivalent XML conf file (loaded 
in the same code).


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