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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: [jira] Closed: (FOR-913) failure when ${project.home}/ does not exist
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 07:52:22 GMT
le 03/08/2006 05:57 Mathieu Champlon a écrit :
>> Ross Gardler closed FOR-913.
>> ----------------------------
>>     Resolution: Invalid
>> has nothing to do with ant. It provides 
>> configuration values for forrest.
>> A file is required.
> Hello !
> First of all sorry for having added an issue when I should probably 
> have taken this to the mailing-list first...
> What I was trying to explain is that a file seems 
> indeed required while its content isn't.
> If you seed a new project and remove everything from the 
> file, it builds fine (using default configuration).
> But if you remove the (now empty) file, the build breaks.
> In the context of several projects with an automated/centralized build 
> process, it isn't very convenient to maintain a 
> file for each project.
> For example if the proxy configuration must be changed, it's much 
> easier to change it in one place rather than going through every project.
> The feature is already there in forrest : for instance a (centralized) 
> script can simply pass custom configuration values to 'forrest' using 
> -D options.
> If the whole build process is already scripted, it makes sense to 
> integrate forrest in it, and to try and remove configuration 
> duplications, thus ending with obsolete files.
> I understand that it might not be considered a bug, especially with 
> such an easy workaround (an empty file).
> Maybe this could be a feature request ?
> If cannot think of any drawback but if you prefer that the 
> ${project.home}/ file should really be required and 
> must not be made optional, then so be it...
> By the way the patch is really simple, involving only a couple of java 
> lines in forrest.
I can see that there is no problem with ant, the problem comes from 
cocoon, are you sure a couple of jave lines will be enough ?
If it is the case, I agree with you that this file should not be required.


> Thanks.
> MAT.

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