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From "Gav...." <>
Subject RE: svn commit: r432954 - in /forrest/site: live-sites.html live-sites.pdf
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2006 11:42:02 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Crossley []
> Sent: Monday, 21 August 2006 11:53 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: svn commit: r432954 - in /forrest/site: live-sites.html live-
> sites.pdf
> Gav.... wrote:
> > Incidentally, I changed my site.xml file to read :-
> >
> >         <fixcrlf srcdir="${}" eol="unix">
> >                 <include name="**/*.html"/>
> >                 <include name="**/*.css"/>
> >         </fixcrlf>
> >       </then>
> >       <else>
> >         <fixcrlf srcdir="${}">
> >                 <include name="**/*.html"/>
> >                 <include name="**/*.css"/>
> >         </fixcrlf>
> >
> > So in effect adding *.css to the FOR-492 workaround, shall I commit this
> do
> > you think or will it need further investigation?
> >
> >    As with FOR-492 and problems mentioned there, my builds kept putting
> ^M
> > (CR-LF) on every line of every CSS file causing my build & deploy to
> fail.
> Are you sure that this is FOR-492. It seems like something else.
> FOR-492 adds mixed line-edings only for processed xml comments.
> If it is different, please add a new Issue. Then yes
> apply the workaround, and note the new FOR-#

Ok, slightly different problem, same solution, I'll create a new issue.

> I keep asking for you to show us the diffs for these
> processed CSS files. Is it every line changed? Which files
> are changed.

I did post some diffs, and at other times just thought that explanations
Such as 'every line has a ^M on the end of every CSS file' would suffice,
I'll undo my fix and send them though if you think you still would like to
see them.

Expanding on that though just in case, all CSS files in the source /common/
and /pelt/ styles sheets are and were always fine, just when a forrest -f
publish.xnl build was run, resultant .css files in the build/skin/ directory
all had ^M line endings. Deploying from these of course would copy these
over into the /work/skin directory with ^M in them also.

> > Adding the above workaround seems to have cured this and the build
> directory
> > now has proper line endings for the CSS files (In turn therefore the
> work
> > directory also now has correct line endings).
> Yes, because this is a brute-force approach. The workaround
> will work for all kinds of line-endings problems.

Are there any negatives to applying this approach ?

> > No other files 'seem' to be affected at the moment, but will keep an eye
> out
> > on my Windows system.
> Are you using Cygwin?

No, It didn't like my computer and so I had to get rid of it.
There are plenty of Windows devs in the ASF and they can't all be pretending
to use linux. I Have a linux box with FreeBSD on it, I'll get round to
configuring that at some stage I guess, but in the meantime, don't want to
mess with my production laptop too much.


> -David
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