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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Site-author organization
Date Sun, 06 Aug 2006 09:04:20 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> >Tim Williams escribi?:
> >>
> >> I've tried to give this new organization the benefit of the doubt and
> >> chalk my initial inability to find things up to it just being
> >> something new.  Now, having lived with it for a while, I still can't
> >> seem to find things in here.

I agree that it needs attention. Not sure what.

As Ross said, Ferdinand just started to re-organise it
and obviously got called away to other things.

> >>  Most of what I want turns out to be
> >> under the "Developers" tab.

For me this tab has two aims:
Direct developers to mail lists, issue tracker,
development tips, etc.
Try to make little distinction between being a
developer and being involved in the project.

> >>  The three main headings under there use
> >> the most ambigious words I think:
> >>
> >> "Getting Involved" - Isn't anything under the this tab really about
> >> getting involved?

The menu needs a top-level "folder" label. It would be great
if we could tweak the code so that the top-level label
is optional. Same problem on the Welcome tab with About.

> >> "Resources and Infrastructure" - Resources is way too ambigious to be
> >> a part of a navigation scheme I think.  Infrastructure also doesn't
> >> carry much meaning when I think of an open source project.  It turns
> >> out that likely what most folks are looking for is really under here
> >> (mailing lists, code access, and issue reporting).

It is also duplicated at the top-level of this tab.

> >> "Best Practices and Procedures" - Again, I think it doesn't carry
> >> enough common concrete meaning to be a part of a navigation scheme.
> >> Do people know what they can expect to find when they click this?
> >
> >Nupp, it took me ages e.g. to find our docs to "Publishing Forrest
> >documentation"
> >
> >> "Project" - This is currently buried under "Getting Involveld".  It
> >> seems to me that there is some good information that should be given a
> >> better spot.

Those three items could come up to the top-level.

> >> If I'm the only one that feels confused by the current navigation
> >> scheme I will get over it and eventually get used to it.  If not,
> >> maybe we could kick around some alternative schemes on the mail list
> >> to improve it?
> >
> >I am as well confused. Do you have an alternative in mind?
> Not yet.  I wanted to first see if I was solo in my being confused.  I
> will think it through and post an alternative to the list for
> consideration.  I'm of the opinion that folks looking at OSS and
> software in general have come to identify with certain keywords (code,
> download, mailing list, issues, etc.) and we should stick pretty close
> to those I think. I'll try to think through some top level navigation
> elements and we can go from there.

Please do. Good luck, i have tried on a number of occasions
and it is not easy. Ferdinand did a pretty good job. In one
of the previous threads we agreed that it needed more content
before the current scheme made sense. Anyway, i hope that we
can improve it.


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