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From "Gav..." <>
Subject Re: [RT] A new Forrest implementation?
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 02:23:29 GMT

<quote who="David Crossley">
> Gav.... wrote:
>> Just on a year a go, a Jira Issue was set up entitled 'Forrest Strategy
>> and
>> direction' - seems appropriate to revisit that issue and see what ideas
>> there have been dealt with, what we still need to deal with and what we
>> can
>> drop.
>> (Strange how a jira issue of Critical Priority is also unscheduled, just
>> seems a little odd to me)
> We can only schedule an issue to be fixed before the
> next release when there is something to be actually done.
> That FOR-630 is just a bag of notes. I reckon that we have
> already extracted any that really need to be done for
> the 0.8 release.

Ok, so do you think it should be closed?

> Perhaps there are more, but really we are trying to trim
> the list down, rather than find more :-)

Absolutely, I thought it relevent to this thread so just
thought it worth a mention, otherwise why have it in the
Jira for a year sitting there and not being useful.

You may have noticed I just started to go through some of
the unscheduled issues to see if any could be revisited,
fixed, closed or left as is. As has been pointed out before
users (that term again) get disheartened to see their issues
sat there not been looked at, even if just to comment on it.

And I like tying up loose ends if possible :)

> -David


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