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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject JIRA Attachments/Licensing
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 18:45:26 GMT
Nigel's recent decision (or more his rationale)  to not assign ASF
license with his attachment made me take a look at our JIRA.  I'd like
to highlight what i think are issues with the screen.  Just in case
folks agree, I looked and don't see an easy way to change it just for
out project but anyway:

1) The screen makes the choice appear as if it's questioning whether
one wants the code "included" vs. "not included" in the software.
And, while that's obviously the net effect, it's not the "real"

2)  When folks click the "Grant license" button, I'm not convinced
everyone really knows what it means and how important it is to us.
More importantly, whether they have the right to "grant" it anyway.

For #1, I'm not sure what the best way to word it is.  I htink the
first option "Grant license" is probably worded properly but the
second one is, IMO, confusing.

For #2, I suggest we add a small well-crafted "What's this mean?"
section immediately below it to briefly explain what they are doing
when they click the "Grant" option.  Perhaps with some hints as to
times where they may not be able to grant it (e.g. it was paid work,
don't solely own it, not wholly original, etc.)



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