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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r419982 - in /forrest/site/skin: forrest.css.xslt images/corner-imports.svg.xslt images/dc.svg.xslt images/poddoc.svg.xslt images/rc.svg.xslt images/txtdoc.svg.xslt profile.css.xslt
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2006 01:07:16 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> >Author: rgardler
> >Date: Fri Jul  7 13:56:47 2006
> >New Revision: 419982
> >
> >URL:
> >Log:
> >testing a deplyment
> >
> >Added:
> >    forrest/site/skin/forrest.css.xslt   (with props)
> >    forrest/site/skin/images/corner-imports.svg.xslt   (with props)
> >    forrest/site/skin/images/dc.svg.xslt   (with props)
> >    forrest/site/skin/images/poddoc.svg.xslt   (with props)
> >    forrest/site/skin/images/rc.svg.xslt   (with props)
> >    forrest/site/skin/images/txtdoc.svg.xslt   (with props)
> >    forrest/site/skin/profile.css.xslt   (with props)
> I just did a test deploy of the site and the above files were added. I 
> see no harm in them being there, but why were they added?

Ah, forrestbot doesn't delete any removed files.
There is FOR-392 for this.

I had to clean out my local fb work directories.
Rather than rm the lot, i did cd site-author
svn up work/svn-deploy/forrest-docs
find . -name *.xslt and removed them, i think
build/site/... etc.

Recently i fixed FOR-237 to stop them being
generated during the build.

One reason for removing them from a published site
is that they cause unnecessary differences in the
generated site. People get tired of the voluminous
commit messages. And there is no need for them
to be there. So i am trimming down.


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