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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: plugins with some excluded licenses
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 05:55:02 GMT
Hi Cliff, we are having a discussion on the Forrest dev
mailing list about how to cope with plugins where our
developers want to use third-party products from the

Re: plugins with some excluded licenses 
Message-ID: 44A8E7F1.1020508 () apache ! org

Some background ...

Forrest has its main core and then a "plugins" system
to enable various extra optional functionality. We have
a growing list of plugins that we manage in our SVN.
When we make a release, we add the sources for all the

The user can also use the plugin system to download
plugins that are not held in the Forrest SVN, e.g. from
their own development site.

So far we have managed to avoid using Category X third-party
products (e.g. supporting jars such as database connectivity)
in any of our plugins. However it was bound to happen.
Now we have a definite use case.

I hope that you can help. I am stumped about the best way forward.


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