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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Document restructuring - confused
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 08:26:38 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Perhaps it would help to add basic how-to docs as
> placeholders that simply link to the background docs
> or mail threads. Later we can flesh them out. That
> might ease the confusion.

Ferdinands intentions sound like a good plan. Davids suggestion should 
buy us time until someone finds the time to follow through.

> Does the term "whitepapers" have the same usage for people
> in other countries?

It is this point that prompted my original question. I was very 
surprised to find all our documentation under "whitepapers" (I should 
have spotted it on the commit).


> seem to have the same use "subject for discussion".

This is the usage I am most used to here in the UK.

> So perhaps we should use a different term. How about
> just "Background docs" or "Fundamentals".

This sounds much better.

>                 ---oOo---
> I see another issue. On the "Project" tab we have a
> mixture of docs that are procedural stuff for committers
> (e.g. howto-release, zone-notes) and others that are
> intended for developers/users (e.g. howto-dev and
> howto-howto and reporting issues and mail-lists) and
> others that apply to both (e.g. subversion-bestpractices).
> Now i don't want to completely separate that stuff,
> but do want to reduce any distinction. We are all
> "developers", just that some of us are also helping
> to manage the project.
> Perhaps we should rename the Project tab to "Developers"
> and re-arrange some items on that tab and the Welcome tab.
> I am making some good progress locally. I will send a
> screenshot of my proposed layout.

I agree with your proposal, even without seeing the screenshot. 
"Project" is a very broad term, it is not clear who should go there or 
what is under there. "Developers" is much better.


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