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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: future of Forrest Friday get togethers
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 08:37:17 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> At present we have a free-for-all with respect to time. So in order to 
> ensure one is online when something important is being discussed one has 
> to be present for 24 hours - not good. At least with the shorter 
> sessions one can be present or can veto the discussion. This should 
> limit exclusions from the sessions due to time differences to external 
> commitments.

When we started these sessions, we deliberately chose
a 24-hour window so that everyone had a chance to be
involved. It seems that that doesn't work too well
for everyone.

Personally i found that it did work well. I always
knew a month in advance that it was happening, so
plenty of notice to schedule it. I would stay up late
at night to be involved with people in other timezones
and usually continue a bit on the next day.

Reading back the log enabled me to comment on issues
that happened while i was away. One cannot be present
for everything.

Overall i think that the sessions were great.
They seemed to work best when we had specific bite-sized
issues to solve, that were already well-documented in
Jira. This meant that we generally didn't need to spend
time explaining to each other.

The XHTML2 issue is just too big to deal with in one
session that has people coming and going. Perhaps it
is better to use an SVN branch for stuff like that,
coupled with definite IRC sessions for specific aspects.


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