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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-785) plugins/*/skinconf.xml does not validate since using entity to ease management
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2006 02:27:03 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> > David Crossley commented on FOR-785:
> > ------------------------------------
> > 
> > Wait Gavin. We cannot do these changes because it will break everyone's
> > skinconf.xml in their existing projects.
> Yes, sorry, heres me thinking it would only affect plugins. 

Even so, i would advise not to rush ahead to implement
something until the schema issues are decided.

> So, what to do, is there another way, or do we revise the version numbers,
> Something like 
> Skinconfig-v07-1.dtd becomes Skinconfig-v08-1.dtd and rename the entitys
> file to Skinconfig-common-plugins-08-1.xml

I reckon that we should not even try to modify
the DTD just to suit our internal management of
the plugin's skinconf.xml files.

> Mind you, it will only break 'everyones' skinconf.xml if they are using
> trunk, and this is a fix for 0.8-dev to be released soon .

If we continue to use the same DTD version number,
then everyone's current project would be broken when
they upgrade to 0.8

If we changed version numbers of the DTD, then the users
could upgrade skinconf.xml as they choose. But it is a
lot of work for zero gain on their part.

If we subsequently add any new capability to skinconf.xml
then people are forced to make the change.

> This is an issue
> on the roadmap for its release, so let me know what way you want to go to
> get this issue cleared off the roadmap.

I reckon that we should delay this until 0.9-dev.

A better solution might be to use RELAX NG
rather than DTD for skinconf.xml

However, there is probably going to be a
move away from using skinconf.xml

> As for the plugins themselves, the validation was turned off as a workaround
> until a fix was found, it should not be the default setting. I should still
> continue to fix validation and 'ant test' errors for the rest of the plugins
> if I can.

There should not be any plugins that are broken
due to their skinconf.xml file - it is so minimal.
(Apart from the known issue with input.PhotoGallery)

For sure, there might be other xml validation issues
in plugins that need attention. That would definitely
be good to verify prior to release.


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