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From David Crossley <>
Subject demo and explanation for i18n (Was: Translations in Dutch)
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 06:54:40 GMT
Nico Veenkamp wrote:
> I have been on this list for quite some time but never contributed just
> listened. Recently I started following the Forrest development more
> closely and today I pullen the forrest tree from SVN onto my machine and
> succesfully build forrest and then seeded a test site.
> Being dutch I am of course interested in i18n work :).

Great. Welcome. We definitely need help to
document and demonstrate this facility.
Perhaps it can be enhanced too.

[ snipped some detail ]

> Or am I missing other places I need to translate stuff.

Such questions have been asked many times.
The answer is that it is not well documented
and you need to explore.

Each time we encourage people to do so, but
the docs remain in the same state.

I was actually in the middle of commencing a
distinct demo for i18n in "fresh site" when your
patch arrived. Yours is incorporated, but i have
slimmed down that particular demo (easier to maintain).

Added some fixme notes to the demo and linked to
issue FOR-707.

> BTW is the blog entry by Cheche still valid for 0.8?

Don't know. Someone needs to follow it and
hopefully enhance our demo.

> Looking forward to hear from you.

Looking forward to hear from you. :-)


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