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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Rename Project Tab (was: Re: Document restructuring - confused)
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 06:20:02 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >> >
> >> >Perhaps we should rename the Project tab to "Developers"
> >> >and re-arrange some items on that tab and the Welcome tab.
> >> >I am making some good progress locally. I will send a
> >> >screenshot of my proposed layout.
> >> 
> >> I agree with your proposal, even without seeing the screenshot. 
> >> "Project" is a very broad term, it is not clear who should go there or 
> >> what is under there. "Developers" is much better.
> >
> > Decided to just go ahead and do it. I don't see
> > anything contentious anyway. Hopefully i have kept
> > the intentions of Ferdinand with the Resources and
> > Best Practices section of the Developers menu.
> Sorry to be late with my comments, personal change stuff can be quite
> a distracting issue and kept me away for a while (actually still does).
> I can see the point about project being too general. But developers is
> as general and it seems misleading since there are lots of docs for
> people wanting to help with non-development tasks like documentation,
> project management etc. here.

I reckon that those are "development tasks".

> For me "Project" was OK because I always associated it with "info
> about the project and work on the project".
> But that may be my personal reading of it.

My point in the earlier thread was not that we were being
too general, but rather too restrictive. I am trying
to get away from any notion of "us and them". We are
all "developers".

Mail lists, issue tracker, development tips, docs to
encourage people to contribute, best practice documentation
which can apply to both developers and committers, etc.
are all under this tab.

> Perhaps it makes sense to call it something even more specific like
> "Participation". I still like project though because there are also
> docs on Forrest as a project, our goals etc.

We use the term "project" in our documentation to mean
too many other things, e.g. the project of the person who
is using Forrest; your project sitemap.xmap; etc.

The name "Participation" or "Community" (Forrest previously
used that tab name) might be okay i suppose. However, i still
prefer "Developers" as it covers all of those.

Even people who don't want to "participate" will find useful
stuff under this tab. For example, a developer who just
needs to solve a problem will find some key resources:
development tips, mail lists, and issue tracker.

What do others think?


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