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From David Crossley <>
Subject level of detail in top-level status.xml
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 02:06:04 GMT
We decided a while ago and reinforced it recently,
that the detailed changes about plugins go in to
the status.xml files within each plugin.

The top-level site-author/status.xml would hold stuff
related to the current core, the project as a whole,
to the tools (forrestbot, forrestbar, etc.), and also
duplicates any really important changes to the various
individual plugins, e.g.
* PhotoGallery plugin has backward-incompatible changes;
* All plugins now use the locationmap;
* Such-and-such is a new whiteboard input plugin;

When i am finished with adding some missing main
changes, then i propose to review the status file
and move the detailed changes over to each relevant
plugin/status.xml files. That is going to require
judgement calls on my part. I will try to be fair.

Thorsten, would you please add changes from here on
into the dispatcher and themes plugins. I started the
other day when i committed Brian's CSS validation patches.

If people want to revisit this decision then please
speak up ASAP.

I suppose an alternative is to completely abandon the
plugins/status.xml files. We could then prefix each
text entry with its plugin's name. Or we could have
a "context" value for each plugin.


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