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From "Nico Veenkamp" <>
Subject Re: demo and explanation for i18n (Was: Translations in Dutch)
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 09:27:31 GMT

<quote> David Crossley</quote>
>> Or am I missing other places I need to translate stuff.
> Such questions have been asked many times.
> The answer is that it is not well documented
> and you need to explore.


> Each time we encourage people to do so, but
> the docs remain in the same state.
> I was actually in the middle of commencing a
> distinct demo for i18n in "fresh site" when your
> patch arrived. Yours is incorporated, but i have
> slimmed down that particular demo (easier to maintain).
> Added some fixme notes to the demo and linked to
> issue FOR-707.

Did you commit this demo already to the repository? If so, where can I
find it? I grepped the repository but did not find a link to FOR-707.

Of course this may also reflect sadly on my grepping skills :)
>> BTW is the blog entry by Cheche still valid for 0.8?
> Don't know. Someone needs to follow it and
> hopefully enhance our demo.


Nico Veenkamp
Open Source Solutions for Internet (OSSFI)
T: 06-53193353

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