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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Dispatcher and linking to image resources (Was: ForrestBot build for forrest-sample-2 FAILED)
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 23:32:35 GMT
El lun, 05-06-2006 a las 13:35 +0100, Ross Gardler escribió:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> > 
> >>David Crossley escribi??:
> ...
> >>>BTW, i see that the dispatcher copy of resources.xmap does not
> >>>use the locationmap at all, whereas the main one does.
> >>
> >>We (I think Ross mainly did it) updated the xmap and extracted the
> >>matches to lm recently. The dispatcher resources.xmap did not got
> >>adopted after this changes.
> > 
> > 
> > I meant that if someone is investigating the issue,
> > then please work from the main copy.
> > 
> > I have noticed a trend lately that when people are
> > helping to investigate core issues, they are considering
> > dispatcher only. We still have skins as default.
> It is worrying that a plugin (i.e. the dispatcher) has a complete copy 
> of resources.xmap (and others) rather than overriding any matches that 
> are necessary to make the plugin work.
> I raised this issue a very long time ago, way back in views 1. At that 
> time the justification was that the dispatcher (then views) would become 
> part of core, so I let it drop. However, now that it seems the 
> dispatcher is to remain a plugin this has become an important issues.

Yeah, you are right I can remember the thread. 

> There should be zero code duplication between sitemaps in plugins and 
> sitemaps in core. 

totally agree. That is why I talked about resource-core.xmap and
resource-skin|dispatcher.xmap. Since neither skin nor dispatcher
specific stuff stuff should be in the core that means we actually can
simply extend the core (no need to override anything).

> The plugin framework has been built in such a way that 
> this should never be necessary. We have he ability to override selected 
> matches and that is all that we should be doing.

We should try not to force a plugin to override skin specific matches.
Extending is way easier but means to have a *real* small core.


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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