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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-435) Wiki input files (*.jspwiki) is not correctly read when in UTF-8
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 06:45:08 GMT
Den 31. mai. 2006 kl. 04.10 skrev David Crossley:

> Sjur N. Moshagen (JIRA) wrote:
>> Sjur N. Moshagen commented on FOR-435:
>> --------------------------------------
>> Earlier investigation in our project has shown that the Chaperon  
>> grammar is using the default Java file encoding when reading  
>> files, and that the default Java encoding is given by the OS, in  
>> our case MacOS X, which has MacRoman as default. Reading UTF-8  
>> encoded files as MacRoman will of course garble non-ASCII characters.
> Perhaps this issue also affects the core of Forrest.
> IIUC from our sitemaps, we use Chaperon to extract
> links from CSS files.

It sounds at least like a potential source of problems.

>> Today I put some effort into finding a work-around based on this  
>> insight, and the result is the following command line argument:
>> forrest run -Dforrest.jvmargs="-Dfile.encoding=utf-8"
> Perhaps this should be an available forrest property.

That would be very nice, although it should be made clear in the  
documentation that it can affect more than Chaperon. The parameter  
overrides the OS-provided default file encoding, and sets the  
specified file encoding as default for the Java VM. Thus, all file  
readers not specifying the encoding will use it.

>> It doesn't really solve the underlying problem of configuring  
>> Chaperon from within Forrest (or Cocoon), but it does solve our  
>> actual problem through a work-around.
> Does the Cocoon chaperon block need some configurability
> added?

AFAIR (it is a long time since I tried this), the Chaperon  
documentation claims the file reading encoding to be configurable,  
but I could not get it to work. Whether that was my mistake or a bug  
in Chaperon is beyond me:-)

> Also does our Chaperon jar need updating?
> You mentioned an important mail thread below, but could
> not provide the link at the time.

The link is provided in the first comment in the issue, just below  
the "empty link" text.

> Thanks very much for you investigation and other effort.

Thank you (and all the others) for your work with Forrest!

> -David


>>> Wiki input files (*.jspwiki) is not correctly read when in UTF-8
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>>>          Key: FOR-435
>>>          URL:
>>>      Project: Forrest
>>>         Type: Bug
>>>   Components: Plugin:
>>>     Versions: 0.8-dev, 0.7
>>>  Environment: MacOS X, 10.3.8, Java 1.4.2
>>>     Reporter: Sjur N. Moshagen
>>> According to the documentation at:
>>> it should be possible to configure the Wiki plugin (or any plugin  
>>> based on Chaperon) for different encodings of the input file, in  
>>> my case UTF-8.
>>> But this does not work. I have:
>>>       <map:transformer name="lexer"
>>> src="org.apache.cocoon.transformation.LexicalTransformer"
>>>                              logger="sitemap.transformer.lexer">
>>>               <map:parameter name="localizable" value="true"/>
>>>               <map:parameter name="encoding" value="UTF-8"/>
>>>             </map:transformer>
>>> in the input.xmap file in $FORREST_HOME/plugins/wiki, and I have  
>>> run "ant local-deploy", but to no avail: multibyte UTF-8  
>>> sequences come out as the Latin-1 counterpart of each byte in the  
>>> sequence.
>>> A discussion about this bug can be found at:
>>> [mail archive not yet updated, will add link here later]

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